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Golf Swing eBook for you!

Golf plays can be very frustrating especially if you can’t keep up with the rest. Perfecting a golf swing is very hard. It requires a consistent effort, consumes a lot of time and thorough observations and formula studies. Most golf players quit playing even before it started because of the same reason. Golf is a very high standard sport which is played by a lot of sporty men and women. Golf is a sport very hard to attain at the same time it can be very expensive.

As Bobby Eldrige, author of the eBook wants you to experience a full satisfaction on your golf career; he had perfectly released a very useful eBook guide for golf players.

If you had quit playing you must not, don’t think it’s a bit too late to continue playing golf, with this eBook you will learn from the basic golf swing to a very high standard golf plays.

For as low as $47 dollars in just two weeks or less you can have a very rewarding Golf experienced. With money back guarantee for all buyers, Bobby is almost giving all of this for a life changing plays that you have never been for very low price. Bobby is assuring the level of your learning as his own. Of course, everyone wants to play golf as good as Bobby. Sharing the same vision for playing golf is never been as rewarding as this.

Contents of the eBook:

  • Fundamental Techniques on Golf Swing
  • The fundamental guides for basic golf swing are well written, no worries on how to apply them
  • Step by step guides are provided for golfers.
  • The basic golf guides will get in to you easily and you may practice the methods for at least a day or two for intermediate golf players.
  • Guides for perfect Golf swing practice drills
  • Secret Techniques on how to do a great Golf Swing
  • This eBook will turn your hard point shots to be easy that you might not even notice perfecting the methods.
  • Basic shots techniques provided by Bobby is tested and perfectly for you to fully understand playing golf.
  • Techniques to improve your swing limits in golf, understanding your rhythm balance.
  • Secrets to perfectly ensure golf ball directions.
  • Be a pro golfer without spending too much time, effort and money.
  • Guide for a Secret Techniques that have been perfect by Bobby for almost 30 years will be shared for you to enjoy your golf plays.
  • Techniques for perfect full swing with perfect timing guides.

Bonus Packages includes:

1. Full Swing DVD

  • Grip
  • Setup
  • Alignment
  • Backswing
  • Top of the Backswing
  • Downswing
  • Impact
  • Follow-through
  • Uneven Lies
  • Faults and Cures

2. Full Membership and Apprentice Program

  • Weekly Tips and Lessons
  • DVD Clip
  • Breakdown sessions
  • Swing Analyzer Software
  • Practice Drills
  • Worksheets / Assignments
  • Live Teleseminars
  • Tracking Workesheets
  • PurePoint Member Forum
  • Private Stat Tracker

3. Full Swing eBook Extension Package

  • Premiere updates of the eBook
  • 30-Day email Access to Me
  • Pro Internet Video Newsletter

Isn’t that rewarding enough? Regular price of this eBook is actually $72 dollars but Bobby cut almost half the price enable for you to purchase your own copy and improve your golf plays. Now is the perfect time to own this Golf Swing eBook. This offer is limited. 95% who had already bought this eBook are really amazed of their improvements. This eBook is a “must” to own if you want to be as good as Bobby Eldrige in playing golf.

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